​​Corporate Apparel, Giveaways & Personalized Gifts

annie & de provides custom corporate apparel, branded marketing and promotional products, and personalized gifts, for businesses, teams, fundraisers, and events. 

Small to Medium Sized Businesses
 realtors • title • inspection • construction • insurance • accountants
lawyers • medical practitioners • consultants

Community Organizations
sports • schools • camps • fundraisers
community associations • parties • 
weddings • graduation • gifts
Example of Products
branded marketing • corporate apparel giveaways • booth displays • signage
corporate gifts • pens • t-shirts • sweatshirts • glassware • koozies • hats • party favors • beach towels
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HOW annie & de Can Help

  • We are free.   Really, there are no costs or hidden fees.

  • We Have Tons of Experience.  annie & de started their company based on their years of volunteering for schools, communities, teams, and churches, etc.  We now also have the industry knowledge and tools to help make your job easier and your fundraiser a success.

  • Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier.  We will handle all the details and walk you through all the steps to create a successful fundraiser

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  1. Feel Connected- It is human nature to want to be a part of a group and connect with others.  Wearing the same sports team, group or school mascot is a sure way to connect and show your team or school spirit.  
  2. To Support Each Other- Wearing a custom t-shirt can show emotional support while also serving as a fundraiser.  Many groups sell and wear the same shirt to show support for a loved one at walks and 5k runs like Race for the Cure (i.e. "Team Angie").  Fans and family members of sports teams, wear t-shirts to show their support and “cheer” their team on, off and on the field.
  3. Celebrate Occasions- T-shirts are a great way to celebrate a special occasion that leaves you with a fun souvenir to remember the event by.  Bachelorette parties, family reunions, fraternity and sorority parties, and cruises are a few popular events groups create custom t-shirts for.  Sports teams, bands and dance teams also like to create custom shirts to celebrate an accomplishment like winning a tournament or championship.
  4. Identification Purposes- One of the most practical reasons to wear a custom shirt is for identification purposes.  Camp counselors, volunteers and other employees wear custom t-shirts so attendees can quickly identify them and to convery a professional and polished look.   
  5. Walking Advertisement- If you haven't got a shirt, hat or jacket with your brand's logo, you're missing out on a powerful and affordable marketing opportunity.  It’s cheap, effective and creates a tribe of devoted fans and employees who become brand ambassadors everywhere they go in the community. It’s a small investment for more business. 

1.   Start Now!  The old saying goes, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.”  The earlier you start your school fundraiser, the more money you can raise and the more support you will gain from volunteer helpers!  Parents, and PTO members should plan your fundraisers a semester and/or season ahead of time.  Start your fall fundraiser in the summer (NOW) by calling annie & de.

2.    Ask Volunteers to Help.  You are helping your school earn needed funds, but you shouldn’t do all the work on your own.  Parents are willing to help, you just need to ask them directly.  This may mean a personal email, text or phone call- not just a general flier or email.  You will also have greater success if you ask help for a specific task/job you need help with.  For example, “Can you help with set-up from 8-10 on Saturday?” Or “Can you help solicit donations for 5 local businesses?”  

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